Roskilde Airport luxury pickups with a private hire driver in VIP limousine.

Make the most of your trip to Roskilde with a VIP limo or luxury Business car service. At AirportAndGo we specialise in making the last leg of your journey the start of a fantastic trip. Whether you’re in town for an important meeting, a conference or a holiday, there’s no better way to get around than in a five-star limousine or top brand sedan.

Roskilde Airport transfers and Limousine Service hire

Roskilde Airport transfers and Limousine Service hire starts right here. Our business and VIP limousine service covers everything from airport limousines to crew transfer to private roadshows, all with a local, experienced chauffeur. And because we put your needs first, we’ve come up with a booking system that only takes 30 seconds. That’s what we call premium service.

What to do in Roskilde

If you fancy seeing a bit of history, head over to the famous Viking ship museum. With five authentic Viking ships on display, it’s a must for anyone interested in Denmark’s past. The ships were discovered at the bottom of the Roskilde fjord and have been cleaned up and put on display in one of the museum’s main halls. The other hall houses the Museumsø, where regular archaeological work takes place.

And when you’ve had your fill of history, next door to the museum is the Snekken Restaurant. This cafe-bistro is a top-class destination built out of stone, steel and glass. If you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer be sure to sit outside and watch the Viking boats. In the evening the cafe becomes two restaurants. One serves succulent sushi and sashami the other caters for classic tastes such as foie gras and buttery grilled plaice.

And for a bit more culture check out the Roskilde Museum. Step back in time to the stone age to see how this beautiful area came to life. Move forward through Harold Bluetooth’s legacy and into the present day where you can find out all about the world-famous Roskilde Music Festival. And because the museum was set out by two local artists, it’s beautiful as well as educational. Roskilde Airport transfers and Limousine Service hire

Whatever you do, do it in style.

Airport and Go are devoted to providing you with the very best in airport VIP transport and hotel transfers and private hire chauffeured drives. Our range of chauffeured services means that whatever you need us for; business transport, a crew transfer or a private road show of the sights, we’ll give you the most stylish journey around. If you have any questions to our shuttle and limo transport service. You can find answers in our FAQ and do you can contact us via the contact us page.

Your private VIP or business Roskilde airport transfers and limousine service hire

All you need to worry about is getting on your plane. Once you arrive at Roskilde Airport (RKE) you’ll be met by your personal professional chauffeur. They’ll be holding an iPad with your name on so you don’t even need to search. They’ll then take your bags and lead you to your luxury hotel limousine. As a local and experienced driver, they’ll ensure your hotel transfer is safe, quick, and above all relaxing.

So what are you waiting for? Take 30 seconds to book the easiest leg of your journey now. We look forward to pick you up at RKE, Roskilde Airport.